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SEO Pricing in India depends on a lot of factors primarily being the business niche in which client wants us to work in. For some businesses it may take less amount of money in SEO, while for other charges may be higher.


Some consultancies charge based on keywords or may be they consider backlinks. 


At Bharat Go Digital, our approach is slightly different. We try understand client’s requirements first and their business model. And based on it we do the research and create a custom plan for them.


We have been in the industry since 2013 and have diversified experience in the field of Digital Marketing, to be precise for SEO & Paid Ads. We also make business oriented wordpress websites.   

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If you are new to E-business then you may wonder what SEO is. You should have basic idea about the SEO to understand our services and helps in SEO optimization. So what is SEO? How it works? Let us examine further for you.

SEO is an abbreviation of the term Search Engine Optimization. It is nothing but the process or method followed by the websites to rank high in the Search engines and thus attracting more traffic. Higher the traffic larger is the revenue.

Every day millions of searches made in the internet, there is thousands of sites.  The Google survey data shows that 67% of Google users click the first result (Website).  The websites are ranked based on the SEO in the search engine results.

So SEO is nothing but a method followed to rank top in Searches and attracts large traffic. Sites use particular keyword (that attracts heavy traffic) in their web articles. Thus when people search the keyword they will directed to your page.  There are two types of SEO that is On-Site and Off-Site.

On-Site SEO is an organic or direct way to attract vast traffic to your websites. Search Engines show the result based on the keywords. Under On-Site SEO the SEO experts fill your page content or blogs with High traffic attracting keywords.

Off-Site SEO is not in your hands it depends on the links, advertisement and domain visibility, etc. Mostly the term SEO is used to refer to ON-Site SEO.


We are a straightforward seo agency in Bangalore, so there is nothing to hide. We value the trust of the clients so here is the detailed process of how your article or business or site is processed by us.

1.We Study your business

Our prime goal is your business’s user’s or customer’s satisfaction because they are the ultimate customers. (Don’t get mad, your satisfaction is our secondary goal).

So we study your business until we start to think from your shoes. Then our expert business planner will give the next level professionals the details like market competition, customer nature (location, buying power, taste, etc…), and other factors that should be considered.

2 Quality Content for you

Here is where our content writers, rewriters, and editors play an important role. The content writer creates unique and high selling content for your business. If you want to optimize your existing article then our rewriters will go through the content and check whether the information in them is outdated? If so they will rewrite them and our editors will check the grammar, clarity in your contents and edit them into an engaging or selling content.

3. Optimizing the Data

And finally, we will optimize the content with the relevant information. This SEO optimization process will cover both On-page and Off-page optimisation. We research the highly searched keywords for your business and list them according to the traffic. Sometimes our researchers go through the User’s or customer platforms, study the recent survey to create unique and new keywords. Here the optimization provided by us,


4. Technical Optimization

User interface optimization – that helps to increase your user experience in different devices like mobile, tablet, and desktops.

On-Page optimization includes – Title tag optimization, Meta Description Optimization, Robots file, Sitemap, Clean URL optimization, Keywords optimization, and Plagiarism checking and comment section optimization.

Off-Page optimization involves Building quality backlink, social media promotion, etc… 

Other services

We also provide some extra tips like business suggestions based on our research, web design ideas, events, or promotion ideas. These are the services we are providing but this, not the end we are planning to go further in digital marketing. Soon we will surprise you with more updates.



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We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

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We offer affordable IT solutions that help you reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

How do we see SEO?

We have our ideology about SEO. So before hiring us you should get to know our view on our SEO Services in Bangalore

People say SEO is just about Keywords optimization, but it is not. You can’t just sit on the first page of Google or any other search engines only optimising your Keywords. Various other factors account for it like promotion, Content quality, and understanding the audiences or the customers.

Many SEO firms in Bangalore out there think that pooling their site with keywords and backlinks will promote their web content which will bring  enough traffic. Yes, it may depending on the competition, but not for a long time. If you think rationally you can understand it.

Another thing about the Search engines, they don’t just show a site on the first page of their search because they contain keywords. Search engines are designed to provide useful information to the users, not the keywords. So even your content is not pooled with keywords or promoted in $1000, if you provide quality content or products first rank is always reserved for you. 


This may seem a stupid question for you but some peoples ask this question. So here is my answer to why SEO is important to a business.

Gives Creditability to your business

Nowadays consumer trust is hard to earn. SEO buys the trust of your customers.  Search Engines like Google like to show the best and useful resources to their users. And this brings the trust among the customers and makes them revisit or repurchase from you.

Business Visibility and Branding

Securing the first page in Google means being viewed more by many people. Even the people didn’t click your site; your business names will be registered in their minds. This increases your Visibility and Branding.

Attracts more customers

The prime motive of the SEO is to bring more traffic and they fulfill it. Corporate Business may not consider this, but it is the major scope for small businesses or bloggers who aim to earn by the website traffic and AdSense.

High return on Investment

In the real world, business spends a large sum on advertisements, but not all give an equal return to them. Studies have shown that SEO gives high ROI (Return on Investment) than traditional advertisements like TV, Radio, and Displays.

Bypass Competition

The business moved from the physical market to Online to eradicate the completion in the traditional market. Now online markets are also becoming competitive. SEO helps you to rank first in the completion and the page. You can’t be first on the page all the time. The higher your rank, the higher the chance you win the market.


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