Best SEO Plugins for WordPress websites

Are you trying to find the finest SEO plugin for WooCommerce? Look nowhere else! Your SEO will be well-cared for by these 7 plugins.

The market for SEO plugins is very big. Although having options is wonderful, it might be difficult to choose the ideal SEO plugin for your company because there are so many of them available for WooCommerce.

So that you wouldn’t have to, we thoroughly investigated every WooCommerce SEO plugin. Here are the top 7 WooCommerce SEO plugins, along with instructions on how to utilise them to improve your SEO efforts, based on our study.

 Rank Math

The goal of Rank Math is to simplify the process of SEO optimization for your entire website. It serves as the swiss army knife of SEO plugins, in a sense. It makes use of a straightforward setup wizard to comprehend your website before configuring your WordPress site to its ideal settings. You can track your term ranks, apply over 15 Schema Markups, integrate with Google Search Console, and more with Rank Math. Basically, Rank Math gives you access to every essential SEO tool you require to begin your SEO campaigns.

All in One SEO

The All in One SEO plugin does exactly what it says on the tin: it gives you the resources you need to start working on SEO. By its large selection of pre-set inputs and settings, it seeks to simplify SEO as much as possible. While they do not seek to optimise the SEO of your site, they do seek to include the fundamentals of SEO into it without requiring your effort. These fundamentals include automatic title optimization, automatic meta tag creation, automatic checks for duplicate content, and assistance with XML sitemap creation.


WooCommerce SEO by Bharat Go Digital

The process of getting your products to appear correctly in Google Product listings is often one that takes a lot of trial and error. There is simply not nearly enough information displayed for the majority of products in Google Product listings, which lowers the CTR and overall conversion rate.

In order to simplify the process and enable you to display your products on Google Product listings without establishing a bespoke feed, WooCommerce SEO comes into action. To properly display your products on Google Product listings, additionally provides structured data and enhanced product markup, including specific GTIN, ISBN, and MPN information. Your Google Product listings now display product characteristics, product categories, and reviews.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO

For a good reason, Yoast is the most widely used SEO plugin for WordPress, and the WooCommerce-specific version of their plugin upholds the same high standards. You’ll get access to an additional settings menu created just for your WooCommerce products with Yoast WooCommerce SEO. You can add product details like the price, manufacturer, brand, stock, available colours, and more using these extra settings. You can additionally include particular GTIN, ISBN, and MPN information on top of this data. All of this information makes sure that your products continue to have the required structured data so that search engines can display them correctly.

Yoast WooCommerce SEO not only enables you to include this extra information in your product listings but also provides breadcrumb navigation, cleans up your sitemap for Google, and enhances your website’s performance.


WP-Backlinks concentrates on your off-page SEO, as opposed to all the other plugins on this list, which aim to enhance your on-page SEO. Off-page SEO strives to increase your site’s authority, trustworthiness, and relevance in the eyes of search engines. This is accomplished by reputable websites or online users linking to your website and so endorsing the value of your content. Hence, WP-Backlinks plays a role in enhancing your off-page SEO.

A backlink tracking system is integrated into your WordPress dashboard by WP-Backlinks. You may keep an eye out for harmful or spammy sites that connect to your site within this dashboard. If you do not remove those links, your site may be penalised.

It also provides tracking of your competitors’ backlinks, giving you a consistent source of other sites you can reach out to and request backlinks from.

SEO Optimised Images

If your website is an e-commerce one, it surely has a tonne of photos. While these photos could make your website appear appealing to visitors, if properly optimised, they can also benefit your site’s SEO. You can do it with the assistance of SEO-optimized images. The title and alt attributes of the photos on your site are fundamentally automatically optimised by this plugin to match the intended keywords. These features are expanded in their pro edition so that your WooCommerce featured images and product images are optimised as well. These improvements take the images on your website beyond just making them look nice and help your SEO efforts.


The best option for securing WooCommerce is Jetpack. With its free edition, it enables you to safeguard your data by controlling dangers and anticipating e-commerce attacks. Additionally, it features automatic content sharing on social networks, data and analytics regarding the success of your website, and a feature that suggests posts based on user preferences.

What Plugins Do I Need, Then?

The SEO plugins on this list each serve a specific purpose for your website’s overall SEO. Because of its straightforward design and general usability, All in One SEO can be a good place to start for complete newbies. If your priority is boosting traffic and sales, look to WooCommerce SEO by Bharat Go DIgital when you’re ready to move beyond All in One SEO and actually start optimising your site’s SEO. The addition of WP-Backlinks, SEO-optimised images, Rank Math, and Yoast WooCommerce SEO will then assist you in keeping up with your SEO efforts and advancing towards a fully optimised e-commerce site.

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