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Checkout the best Amazon Product Keyword Rank Checker App for Your Android Phones.

Introducing Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker By Bharat Go Digital


This powerful tool is designed to help businesses monitor and enhance their Amazon Product Rankings effectively.

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How to Use Amazon Keyword Rank Tracker

Step 1 : Install the App

Step 2 : You Need to Sign Up / Sign In

Step 3 : Integrate it With the Free API. You need to Integrate the Free API. Click Here to Get Yours. Get 10% Discount by Coupon Code “bharatgodigital” if you plan to buy more APIs. 

That’s it. The app is ready to be used now. 

amazon product rank tracker

Step 5 : Click on Add Product Id, choose product type for identification and select country. 

Step 6 : Put the Keyword / Keywords you want to track followed by , and check the rankings. 

Thats it. Now you can use our Google Keyword Rank Tracker. 

PS : We need to integrate the API to use it. This API offers free trial. Post that it needs to be purchased to be used. 

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