What is App Store Optimisation & Why it is Important for Businesses

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)? 

Mobile apps are optimised for app stores in order to appear better in search results. This is called app store optimization. Potential users will see your app more often the higher it ranks in the search results of an app store.

More people frequently visit the app store page for your app as a result of the enhanced visibility.

The purpose of ASO is to increase traffic to the page for your app in the app store so that users can download it.

App Store Optimization (ASO) factors to pay attention to include:

  • App title and name
  • Keywords
  • Description Subtitle Downloads overall

Why Is ASO Vital?

Google claims that app store searches lead to the discovery of 40% of apps. As a result, searching in the app store has become the preferred way to find and download new apps.

This essentially indicates that:

Your app is missing out on the biggest discovery channel if you aren’t employing ASO to improve its search ranking.

With hundreds of thousands of apps in each app store vying to rank above one another, the reality is most publishers are not investing in app store optimization.

How to Help Your App Rank: The Basics of ASO 

There are still a few significant changes in the App Store if you’re already familiar with these for web searches.

Let’s begin by decomposing the numerous elements that can have an impact on your ASO:

Principal ASO Factors

You should pay particular attention to these factors because they have the biggest influence on where your app ranks.

  • App Name/Title: The keyword that receives the most search volume should be used in the title. Because it can be detrimental to frequently altering your title, take the time to discover which keyword that is. The word of mouth will start to spread about your app as it starts to rank higher and get more reviews. Updating the title may hinder the spread of news about your software.
  • Knowing the keywords that your target market uses most frequently will help you raise your search engine rankings. To understand how you stack up week to week, it is useful to keep an eye on your competition.
  • The title and keywords are easily editable in addition to being the most significant ASO criteria. therefore you’ll need to periodically optimise them.

Secondary ASO Elements

Although first impressions are important, there are a number of other elements that strongly influence whether consumers select the download button. They comprise:

1. App Title

The title is our first impression online. It’s what drew you to read this post, and it’s what will draw users to your app.

Optimising with a keyword in the title increases search ranking for that title by 10.3%!

Obviously, some limitations apply, as the App Store is very regulated.

You’re given only 30 characters for a title in Apple, and keyword stuffing is a surefire way to risk being banned.

Be smart about how you optimize.

2. App Description

Here’s where things get a bit murky. Technically the App Store algorithm ignores the description.

Users, however, are a different story.

Rather than optimising for SEO, focus on explaining the features and benefits of your product.

3. Keyword Metadata

Apple provides you with 100 characters to enter keywords separated by commas.

These help your app get discovered through search and related content.

There’s no need to duplicate efforts here, so choose keywords you haven’t already used in the title.

4. App Subtitle

You’re given a subtitle below the title in search results. This is also limited to 30 characters.

It gives you another chance to use more descriptive keywords.


ASO is a process that, like SEO, must be watched over and continually improved over time. Seldom is the initial set of keywords you decide to enter in the app store your best collection of keywords.

The majority of the time, little to no keyword research is done prior to app submission, leaving the majority of apps buried and decreasing the likelihood of discovery significantly.

You must put in time and effort if you want to benefit from ASO. If you do, your app will have a reliable source of traffic.

Getting found is one of the toughest problems for mobile apps, but you can actively fix the issue with the advice above.

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